There are plenty of very nice places to see and visit in Mons. We present here a sample of the most beautiful sights of the City (click on the pictures to enlarge and get a comment).

Square Franklin Roosevelt The Belfry Maison du Cerf-Blanc Near the Campus... Place du Parc City Hall Collégiale Ste-Waudru
Mons: the most beautiful places

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Useful links:

Mons Intra-Muros (minibus network):

You can take advantage of Mons’s free-of-charge ‘intra-muros’ bus network. The busses stop by every 10 minutes and are easily recognizable by their small size and their name ‘Circuit A’, 'Circuit B' or ‘Circuit C’. The following map describes those tours and indicates (red dots) where the busses stop.

  • 'Museum of the road' (Place Nervienne, Casemates n°3, 4 et 5)

  • 'Museum of military history' (rue de Houdain, 13)

  • 'Museum of the radio' (Ancienne Maison Communale de Nimy, Grand-Place, Nimy)

  • 'Mundaneum' (Rue de Nimy, 76)

  • Religion

  • 'Museum Chanoine Puissant' (Rue Notre-Dame Débonnaire, 22)

  • 'Chapelle Saint-Calixte' (Square du Château, Beffroi)

  • 'Trésor de la Collégiale Sainte-Waudru' (Place du Chapitre)

  • 'Museum Saint-Rémy' (Eglise Saint-Rémy, Grand-Place, Cuesmes)

  • Art

  • 'Museum of Beaux-Arts' (Rue Neuve,8)

  • 'Van Gogh's house' (Rue du Pavillon, 3, Cuesmes)

  • 'Museum François Duesberg' (Square F. Roosevelt, 12, entrance in rue de la Houssière, 2)

  • Nature

  • 'Earth and materials space' (Rue de Houdain, 9)

  • 'L'Amusette' (Chaussée Brunehault, 33, Mesvin)

  • 'Museum of natural history' (Rue des Gaillers, 7)

  • Culture

  • 'Museum of folklore and Mons life (Jean Lescarts's house)' (Rue Neuve)

  • 'Museum of processions of Hainaut' (Chaussée de Maubeuge, 427, Hyon-Ciply)

  • 'Museum of Old Nimy' (Rue Mouzin, 31, Nimy)

  • More

  • 'Dynamusée' (rue Neuve, 8)

  • 'Jazz'house' (Boulevard Dolez, 51)

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