There are plenty of good restaurants to try in the neighborhood of the 'Grand-Place'. You will receive an exhaustive list of these while being registered, but we already recommend you the following ones:

  • 'Le Santorin' (Greek Cuisine, rue du Miroir, 21)

  • 'La Grande Muraille' (Chinese cuisine, rue de Nimy, 27)

  • 'L'Italiano' (Italian cuisine, rue des viaducs, 234, Nimy)

  • 'La Primavera' (Italian cuisine, rue d'Havré, 2)

  • 'Chez Henri' (Belgian cuisine, rue d'Havre, 41)

  • 'La Grillade' (Greek cuisine, rue des Clercs, 22)

  • 'Devos' (French-Belgian cuisine, rue de la Coupe, 7)

  • 'Marchal' (French-Belgian Cuisine, rampe Ste-Waudru, 4)

  • 'Honk Kong Garden' (Chinese cuisine, grand'rue, 100)

  • 'La Cervoise' (beer tasting, grand-place)

  • 'Copenhagen Tavern' (grill and tavern, grand-place, 11)

Here is an interesting link to find where to go to eat:

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