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The AMANDA-IceCube collaboration meeting in Mons will take place from Friday 17th October 2003 to Tuesday 21st October 2003:

Oct. 17-19 : AMANDA session

Oct. 19-21 : IceCube plenary session

Oct. 19 : AMANDA-IceCube parallel sessions and workshops

IceCube reconstruction/filtering

In Ice Devices

AMANDA TWR session

IceCube software

IceCube DOM test

Separate workshops:

2nd IceCube Detector Simulation Workshop (Oct. 14-15)

1st IceCube Simulation Production Workshop (Oct. 15)

IceCube production and test databases (Oct. 16)

Different activities will be organized:

Sat Oct. 18 : Beer tasting session

Sun Oct. 19 : Collaboration dinner

Mon Oct. 20 : Concert

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